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     bakerybabe dinoeggs
Posted byThe Bakery Babe, Tuesday, August 21, 2012
savoring Boston one pie, cake, and dainty at a time!’
Vermont: the land of maple syrup, moose, and transcendental ice cream

Ah, Vermont. Don't be fooled by the map showing major  routes that you can take to traverse the state. Prepare yourself for wee little roads dotted with "moose crossing" signs. The good news is, Vermont is so lovely that you won't care if your tires are being slowly flayed off your car. Case in point, as we bounced over an unpaved road to Grafton, I stared at the lush green forest that arched above us into a canopy, dappling the road with filtered light, and I saw what might've  inspired Robert Frost's line, "the woods are lovely, dark, and deep." There is a cool verdancy cluster-odetojoy2webto the thickly forested land that seems like  the kind of magic that would lure Hansel and Gretel further and further  in, their trail of crumbs mysteriously disappearing. I was  interrupted from this thought, however, when we rounded a corner and saw a bear crossing the road. My companion seemed quite delighted at this  turn of events, while I stabbed at the auto-lock and squeaked for her to roll up her windows.

And the bear was not the first wildlife sighting of the  weekend. Packs of wild turkeys,kamikaze squirrels, fuzzy little  chipmunks, and trout the size of bread loaves were duly noted by the  Bakery Babe. There's no getting around it: there's nature in Vermont.  Luckily, there are also many humans who take inordinate amounts of pride in making really good food.

mintmeltyBut for those seeking a truly unique Vermont experience, I suggest you  proceed ... to Shaftsbury, where you will find the Chocolate Barn on Historic Route 7A.

Now, I know that normally things which end in "barn" are not good  (Liquor Barn, Dress Barn, Yarn Barn, etc.). But in this instance, you are to swerve, parachute, or walk on bended knee if you must to get thee to the Chocolate Barn. Why? Inside lurks the most heavenly, rich,  creamy, substantial homemade ice cream that you will ever devour. By far better than any ice cream available in Boston. I opted for the maple  walnut, and my face was quickly attached to a thick cream tower that was splendid with maple and absolutely packed with walnuts. It was  magnificent. It was bloody good. And it was devoured so fast that I did not stop to take a picture. So you'll have to find out for yourself what the world's best ice cream cone looks like. But I can leave you with  some idea of the other goodies that one might procure at the Chocolate  Barn.

There were, of course, many treats of the inedible variety. Splashing about in idealic Lake Shaftsbury with some very energetic water monkeys, lounging on the cool screened porch and drinking Pimms with good  friends, oggling fishing lures that looked like rock-star hair extensions at the Orvis bunnytreats1Headquarters, fresh corn from the farm down the lane, and even trowling the local thrift sale for goodies. But I have to tell you, the very best treat of the weekend was something that simply cannot be bought in a store.Our gracious host brought out an amazing breakfast treat: maple syrup made from the trees on her land. In a quart jar. Served with a ladle. This is the kind of lux food indulgence that  makes my heart and my blood sugar soar. A few puddles of this glorious stuff on blueberry pancakes gave me secret ambitions to move to Vermont  permanently.

Do go:  The Chocolate Barn, Historic Route 7A, Shaftsbury, VT 05262

The Best Chocolate Ice Cream Ever!
The Chocolate Barn, Shaftsbury, VTprincess barn

On our way home to Connecticut from Vermont, we decided to take the  historic route 7a.  As we were driving along we spotted The Chocolate  Barn, Jeff had already begun to slow down as he asked if we should stop.  I simply stated, YES.

The Chocolate Barn is a charming shop that conveniently sits along side  historic route 7a in Shaftsbury, VT.  After getting your treats you  don't have to rush back to your car, stay a while to sit back and relax on their covered porch with ample seating for everyone!  Or simply  browse around their shop and be astounded with all your purchase  options. i.e. chocolate covered cherries, malted milk balls, truffles,  fudge and the list goes on.  Can't make it to Vermont, no worries!   Visit their website and shop for the holidays. 

Sue and Tom will make you feel at home in their shop.  Trust me you'll  be shopping with a smile on your face.  I'm still talking about the  chocolate ice cream cone that I had the honor of devouring. And believe  me it was worth every calorie!princess icecream

The first words out of my mouth after my first lick was "it taste just  like a real chocolate bar."  I was compelled after finishing my ice  cream to go back inside and tell Sue and Tom the owners of The Chocolate Barn that their chocolate ice cream was the best that I had ever had in my life.  And I've eaten a lot of ice cream over the years!

Sue, informed me that their chocolate ice cream is indeed different because they don't add coco powder they add, Dark Belgium Callebaut Chocolate.
princess' tomThere isn't enough I can say about how rich and creamy their ice cream  is.  You have to take a drive to Vermont to taste it for yourself.

I also learned that this is their first year serving ice cream.  But  based on my reaction, I think it's going to be around for a very long  time!

Posted 7th September by Tammy LaPorte Marlborough, CT
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The Chocolate Barn
Historic Route 7A
Shaftsbury, VT05262
(802) 375-6928

Price Range: $
Accepts Credit Cards: Yes

4 reviews:

Review from Janet C. 9/6/2012
North Grafton, MA
The  Chocolate Barn is well known for their high quality, delicious homemade  chocolates. But even their outstanding reputation did not prepare us for their sensational new ice cream. It is truly out of this world -- by  far, the best ice cream we've ever had. The owners are very friendly and helpful and encouraged us to try a few flavors, including cantaloupe  ice cream made from melons from a nearby farm. It was a really tough  choice but we decided on maple walnut -- the mapliest we've ever had --  and chocolate, which was to die for: rich without being overly sweet and amazingly creamy. Unlike anything we've ever had before. They use only  the best ingredients, like cream and Callebaut chocolate from Belgium.  The chocolate ice cream was reminiscent of a mousse. Unfortunately we  live out of state but will be making the 2 hour trip back to the  Chocolate Barn before long -- it's worth it.


Review from Susan R.  9/6/2012
Arlington, VT
I completely agree with Janet C. - the home made ice cream here is EXCEPTIONAL!
I pass this way 5 days a week and it is so difficult to be dieting and  drive by that tempting and luscious ice cream! The Bing cherry is the  best cherry ice cream I have ever had in my life. It is loaded with big  cherry halves and an occasional whole cherry! It is not overly sweet. -  Same goes for the maple walnut - loaded with walnuts and real VT maple  syrup- it is a wonder. Super- creamy, no ice crystals- tremendous  flavor. It is how I imagine old fashioned hand churned ice cream of our  grandparents generation! Yesterday, I broke the diet...and tried the  chocolate. YUM!!! It has a very deep chocolate flavor and ultra creamy  texture.
I am a huge Ben and Jerry's fan, but this has B&J's  beat!!! Folks....this place is worth a drive out of your way. I promise! The H.M. chocolates are also quite good- though a bit on the sweet side for my tastes.
I am a true ice cream FREAK- year round....and now The Chocolate Barn's  ice cream is my favorite new discovery!
P.S. It is made in small batches and they close at 6:00 p.m. - so go early. Take home hand packed pints!
P.P.S. If you look around at their gift shop, they also sell some beautiful hand turned wooden bowls.

Review from Matt A.  11/26/2012
Martinez, CA
I've had their chocolate over the years which I love, but happened to be in town and tried their ice cream (Vanilla fudge swirl, among others) which  they recently started offering. Their ice cream is incredibly  good/addicting...made in small batches it takes premium ice cream to a  new level. I can honestly say its some of the best I've ever had.


Review from Al B  9/28/2012_
Los Angeles, CA
Delicious ice cream! Friendly service :)


the Chocolate Barn
HOURS: 10am - 6pm
5055 Historic Route 7A,
Shaftsbury, VT 05262
(802) 375-6928
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